CrushALZ Daily: Day 17 home team advantage ;)

At the end of Day 17 of #CrushALZ, CitSci Gamers blinks just long enough for Middle School STEM to steal back the overall lead, and EyesOnALZ makes a cameo in the daily leader spot.

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Day 17
Start of day: April 22, 8pm ET
End of day: April 23, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 25
Total vessels annotated: 4574 ↓12%
Real vessels annotated: 2653↓18%
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 58%
Progress toward research goal: 19.3%
Equivalent lab time: up to 10 weeks

Daily leaders:

Pos. Team Score
1 EyesOnALZ 240382
2 Alzheimer's Research UK 226517
3 EyeWirers 163752
5 Middle School STEM 28858
6 CitSci Gamers 14606
7 Hawthorne at Leesburg 6983
8 CCUU 201

A few of the typically more active teams took Day 17 off, which gave up-and-comer teams a chance to pop up on the daily leaderboard and gain ground in the overall standings. For example, EyeWirers is now lurking hungrily just off the overall leaderboard in 11th place.

EyesOnALZ and Alzheimer's Research UK both made strong showings for the day, and Cornell Univ, and Stall Destroyers seized the opportunity to gain ground on the overall leaders.

All time (Day 17):

Pos. Team Score
1 Middle School STEM 8581966
2 CitSci Gamers 8577108
3 Stall Destroyers 6930886
4 EyesOnALZ 3282195
5 Alzheimer's Research UK 1709510
6 Cornell Univ 1475392
8 KMS Genius Hour 991581
9 BrightFocus Foundation 662233
10 Citizen Science Plus 461654

Meanwhile, as mentioned, Middle School STEM flip-flopped with CitSciGamers again, and the race for the first place continues to be neck-and-neck!

With almost 20%, we now have enough data to get an initial sense about the research results. To avoid "experimental bias," though, we can't share those results with anyone - not even the researchers!

(-Pietro posting on behalf of Egle, who was out of commission today, but will hopefully be feeling better soon!)