#CrushALZ Daily: Competition among daily leaders heating up on Day 18!

New teams joining, old teams fighting for leading positions, and new teams sneakily catching up to old timers - yep, it's becoming hard to keep track of everything that's cooking at #CrushALZ! See the report of Day 18 below...

ICYMI - #CrushALZ is a competition on the Stall Catchers citizen science game, aiming to answer a novel research question regarding Alzheimer's. YOU can take part - just head to StallCatchers.com, join a team and start playing. More about the competition here.

Day 18
Start of day: April 23, 8pm ET
End of day: April 24, 8pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 26
Total vessels annotated: 9309 ↑103.52
Real vessels annotated: 5511↑107.73
-- Proportion of Real vessels: 59.2% Progress toward research goal: 21.28%
Equivalent lab time: up to 10.8 weeks

Daily leaders:

Stall Destroyers are confidently in the lead again, having collected over twice as many points as CitSciGamers, who, with all the threats going around, are still maintaining their high position on the leaderboard. Case in point, however, there's EyeWirers in third place, merely 6 thousand points short of stealing 2nd place from CitSciGamers! We'll see what Day 19 brings...

EyesOnALZ "home" team took honorable 4th place on Day 18, followed by STALLS WILL NOT PASS who seem determined to climb higher!

All time:

Middle School STEM has lost their 1st position on the All time leaderboard to CitSciGamers AGAIN!!! Hooboy, this is going to be a tough one! 💪

Meanwhile, while the two are fighting, the third is slowly climbing to win ;) Watch out, Middle School STEM & CitSci Gamers - Stall Destroyers are not that far behind !!

EyesOnALZ and Alzheimer's Research UK are still holding 4th & 5th places, but Cornell Univ have - unsurprisingly - lost their place to the steadily climbing STALLS WILL NOT PASS !!

How far have we gone?

  • One fifth of the way at least! We have now analysed 20% of the current research dataset in 18 days, which could have taken more than 10 weeks in the lab! Needless to say, this is a great achievement already, and we will not stop until we reach 100%. This will get us one step closer to understanding the role of reduced blood flow in the brain in Alzheimer's - check more about it here.

  • We're annotating at twice the speed again! It must be the "pressure" of the competition, as we have analysed almost twice the vessels on Day 18, compared to Day 17. Let's keep going at full speed!

  • We now have 26 teams fighting to #CrushALZ! Welcome to the recently joined CCUU "Countryside Church Unitarian Universalist members" and awesomesauce "the three amigos" !!

Join these new teams to help them get started! Click on their avatars below!



Looking forward to see what the next day of #CrushALZ brings! Stay tuned!

Egle (seplute)

Citizen Science Coordinator at EyesOnALZ, crazy about democratization of science & community participation :)


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