Middle School STEM wins the #CrushALZ team competition !!

With over 90 million points !!! And the most active catchers on the last day have been: Look for the full coverage on the winners & the »

#CrushALZ Daily: Catchers crush in TRIPLE speed on Day 29!! One day to go!

We've all been amazed by the records achieved during the #CrushALZ competition so far but Day 29 numbers caused even my jaw to drop !!! 😆 Or, to »

What's next in Stall Catchers? Life after #CrushALZ 🙃

For the last month we have been running our first team competition on Stall Catchers, to celebrate the premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud documentary »

#CrushALZ Daily: Stall Destroyers win Day 28 but can they beat Middle School STEM?!

Day 28 is finished (and so is Week 4!), and we have only two days left in the #CrushALZ competition on Stall Catchers! Middle School STEM »

#CrushALZ Live finale & Double points on the last day!

The #CrushALZ competition is drawing to an end, and we can't wait to see which team will call itself the ultimate stall crusher in two days! »