Stall Catchers meetup in Cambridge (Feb the 8th)

How does playing Stall Catchers help find a cure for Alzheimer's disease

Citizen science is where volunteers, in collaboration with scientists, get involved in science. This can be collecting and analyzing data, interpreting results, classifying and transcribing information, conducting experiments or playing games.

After a short introduction to citizen science, I will present Stall Catchers, an online game with over 8,000 players that is transforming the way we tackle Alzheimer's research.


By playing Stall Catchers, volunteers of all ages have already doubled the speed of Cornell's data analysis through the power of crowdsourcing. Players are looking at movies of a live mouse brains and searching for "stalls", clogged blood vessels where blood is no longer flowing. In this way, citizen scientists are helping to understand the link between reduced blood flow in the brain and Alzheimer's disease, and speeding up the search for a treatment.

Join us on Thursday 8th of February - 7pm, at the CB2 restaurant Library in Cambridge and learn how you can contribute to Alzheimer's research.

Free tickets on EventBrite

Thursday, 8th Feb - 7pm to 9pm
CB2 restaurant Library
Norfolk Street
CB1 2LD Cambridge


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