#CrushALZ Daily: Changing leaderboards on Day 2!

Day 2 of our month-long competition to #CrushALZ on Stall Catchers has concluded, and here are the results!

Don't forget it's not too late to join & help us #CrushALZ with real science - EVERYONE can do it - see this post for directions.

Day 2
Start of day: April 7, 5pm ET
End of day: April 8, 5pm ET
Hours: 24

Teams: 15
Total vessels annotated: 9563
Real vessels annotated: 4039

Progress toward research goal: 2.33%

Leading teams:

Day 2 winners were Middle School STEM, who collected almost DOUBLE the amount of points than the next - EyesOnALZ, our project "home" team, and CRUSHED Day 1 winners Cornell Univ, our biomedical collaborators, who fell to 7 place! (Didn't I say that was only a matter of time? 😈)

Next, unchanged from Day 1, were Alzheimer's Research UK in third place, followed by BrightFocus Foundation in fourth, and CitSciGamers + Citizen Science Plus who swapped places in Day 2!


Don't forget you can join any of these teams or create your own on Stall Catchers - Teams (beta)! Full instructions here.

All time results

All time leaders remained unchanged for now on, with Cornell Univ maintaining their leader position, very closely followed by Middle School STEM (watch out Cornell Univ, Middle Schoolers are coming!!).

Big wins!

  • More real vessels! On Day 2 we annotated almost 10% more real vessels compared to overall vessels than yesterday. That means, our players - YOU - are becoming more experienced & we are getting to the research goal faster!! What does that mean? "Real" vessels are those that have never been seen by anyone - YOU are the first humans to ever lay eyes on them. However, we can't show you real vessels only - some are "calibration" (previously scored by experts at Cornell), which allow us to measure your sensitivity & award you more points! As you get more experienced, you get more and more real vessels to annotate!! Woohoo!

  • 20 000 !! That's right! We hit another milestone with a total of 22 648 vessels annotated so far during #CrushALZ, and we're not going to stop!!

  • Teams are gathering more troops! Our biggest team -Middle School STEM - has now grown to 121 members !! Other teams should stir up if they want to catch up!!

Tip: grab an invite link right under team name in your team page & share it with whoever you'd like to invite!

Don't forget to share your invite link & competition moments on social media with #CrushALZ hashtag, and we will re-share it far and wide too!

Happy stall catching on Day 3 everyone!

Egle (seplute)

Citizen Science Coordinator at EyesOnALZ, crazy about democratization of science & community participation :)


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