Citizen Science Action Day (Sat, Feb 3) - double points in Stall Catchers !

We're on our way to Salzburg, Austria, as we write, where Pietro & Egle will be participating in "Generation Citizen Science" Austrian Citizen Science 2018 conference, as well as Citizen Science Action Day on Saturday.

We'll be running a Stall Catchers booth there, where we will show the game and ask event participants to try it out themselves. Everyone is welcome to join remotely as well - just join the "Citizen Science Plus" team belonging to University of Salzburg. AND we will be giving double points to all catchers from 9am to 4pm UTC !

Everyone who comes to the live event & participates will also be able to win a special Stall Catchers prize - just cooked Technarium hackerspace and coming all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania! 😎

So come along if you're in on around Salzburg, and feel free to spread the word to your Austria-dwelling friends & colleagues :))

Check out the event on Facebook for more info!

Egle (seplute)

Citizen Science Coordinator at the Human Computation Institute, EyesOnALZ/Stall Catchers Community Manager. Giving science back to the people!


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