Challenging dataset in Stall Catchers 💪

What's life without a little challenge, eh?! Same goes for Stall Catchers... sort of 😂

We have a new dataset in Stall Catchers, and due to the way it was prepared, some movies appear extra blurry & unclear 🙁 we are working to remove the bad movies as fast as we can though!

So if you're a new user, don't get discouraged! It's not always as challenging as this ... 😇

Besides, one of our long-time catchers, caprarom, has an inspiring idea to dealing with this... 😆

I think we need some war paint to tackle this batch.caprarom

Hope this will help keep the spirits high, and we'll stand strong in the face of a challenge! 😋

In any case... 😎


Egle (seplute)

Citizen Science Coordinator at the Human Computation Institute, EyesOnALZ/Stall Catchers Community Manager. Giving science back to the people!


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