Holidays are coming - look for hidden gifts in Stall Catchers!

Happy Holiday Season 2017, our catchers & fans! 💜

Stall Catchers is getting festive again, and we invite you to #CatchXmas in the vessel movies!

What's that? Each day from now until Christmas we will hide one special holiday item in a vessel movie for you to find! Be the first to collect all 12 #CatchXmas items & win a special prize! (Keep reading...)

How to participate? Play Stall Catchers as you usually do (or sign up & join us right now!) and keep an extra keen eye for anything christmassy in the movie frames ;)

Once you find a hidden item, take a screenshot & share it on social media with the #CatchXmas hashtag!
You can also send the screenshot to us, and we will share it for you, or share it on our forum.

What's the prize? Each catcher who finds a unique item* will get a special Stall Catchers holiday card !!

* one that hasn't already been found by other catchers

And the catcher who collects all 12 #CatchXmas items first, will get the grand prize - a Tribute gift, in their name or that of their loved ones, to the BrightFocus Foundation who sponsors Alzheimer's disease research.

Good luck & happy catching - you're catching more than just stalls now!

Egle (seplute)

Citizen Science Coordinator at the Human Computation Institute, EyesOnALZ/Stall Catchers Community Manager. Giving science back to the people!


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